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Buy App Reviews Android From Real People

Buy app reviews android online? what is the use of it?

 What is the app reviews role in app stores?

There are uncountable apps in the App store market whether Google or Apple. Every application has some unique features, different logos, functions and is facing very high competition to achieve the set target.

In this, most of the time customers get confused as to buy ios installs which of the application who satisfy their requirement. A potential customer does a lot of search work for the purpose of finding the best. They go for ratings, no. of installs, rankings and one of the most important buy app reviews android of an App.

What are app reviews?

Reviews are the platform for customers to show freely their opinion about the product’s quality or any related issues. They share their experiences, suggest future users about the quality of an app and features whether they should consider installing it or not. The buy android app reviews are simply the main thing for which a customer goes before downloading or buy android installs.

Recommendations are always strong and possess the power to change one’s thoughts. So, An App developer’s work is to focus on reviews he gets. And if he doesn’t buy ios app reviews they can go for buying it from websites market from real users.

Importance of Buy app reviews android –


  • Positive Reviews

75 of the customer downloads only that app which has most of the positive buy app store reviews and takes it as the important factor but 25 don’t care about reviews and download on their own judgment basis.

  • Download rate

App store comments and ratings affect the download rates and before downloading most of the users view reviews and ratings, rating above 4 and positive reviews can change the download rate easily.

  • Boost App Ranking


Reviews and ratings are key factors for the improvement of app’s ranking and its visibility. Good ranking is important as the competition between the developers is getting fierce.

  • Useful information about app


App reviews [ buy app reviews ] are like report cards for the developer, it suggests an improvement that an app developer has to focus and which sector is strong and weak it suggests all.

  • Reviews by real users are highly valued


Paid ios app reviews from real users with their active profiles and latest reviews are highly regarded as the motivating factor to download the app.

Buy app store reviews –


Always consider buying app reviews from authentic websites who have real users with their existing profiles, make sure they download the app and give relevant, positive, highly influencing reviews.

How to get app store reviews –


There are only two ways to get real app reviews -1. Users who download the app, use it , can review and rate but if they don’t bother and you are having insufficient reviews you can go for no. 2. buying App reviews, paid reviews there are many companies who have large no. of users they review app from their real device and get paid or any other reward, only you have to invest some amount. Try to get real reviews because fake reviews will only result in restriction of app i. e.  Banned.

Buy ios reviews


Free and “buy app reviews” are two different things, free where an app developer doesn’t have to pay any sum and app’s popularity does all for it but if the app is new and not famous it needs some kind of push, there comes paid app reviews.

buy app reviews android

Buy App reviews Android

An App developer can buy Android App reviews from below given websites.

  1. Bestreviewapp –User can make money through creating a review.
  2. Applytics –More than 5million user’s reviewers do reviews for Android as well as iOS apps.
  3. Smooth review –Get unlimited reviews for the app by reviewing other’s app like mutual help.
  4. Ismyshiftkeyonornot –One of the best website to buy android reviews or buy iOS app reviews. 3years of App review marketing experience.
  5. Appsally –They offer you best quality service. All reviews are from real users and with specific keywords. They ensure you to give you genuine reviews relevant to the app.
  6. Reviewapp4u –They have no. of application users there to rate, review your app easily. It can really help you with more of app downloads & increased ratings.

App review services


App review services are getting better day by day because review providing companies know the value of review and there is no. of companies providing quality services along with other important things like buy app ratings, playstore ranking, keywords optimisation promote android app etc.

Buy iOS app reviews and Buy android app ratings –


Ismyshiftkeyonornot, Reviews motion, Reviewapp4u, app reviews. ninja, review-up provides ratings and “buy iOS reviews” and “buy Android reviews” both and many other websites out there present for an Android or iOS App developer to promote their app through increased positive reviews, better ratings, buy ios ranking and boost app downloads.

Buy App reviews Android with Keywords –


Where a list of keywords are to be used at the time of giving the review, it gives more effect shows high quality and more genuine review and will definitely help you bring your app rank at the top. Quality keywords from users impact highly on the rank and meanwhile boost installs [buy app installs].

Improve Android app rank –

Reviews and keywords “buy Android installs” work for the improvement of Android app rank. Rankings have its own system to work according to Google. Buy reviews with proper Keyword.

Buying fake reviews won’t help you in any way. But will only degrade the value of an app and maybe results in the ban by Google and Apple Stores. Real reviews on the other hand from reliable websites will add something bonus points to your app promotion. Reviews are a mirror of an app and if the mirror is not properly reflecting it needs cleaning same as reviews work on it, spend more, get authentic and positive ones, bring improvement in your app, reply reviews, bring necessary changes through updates and do social media marketing.

Reviews & ratings can contribute in improving the app visibility, influencing buy app downloads, boost buy app ratings android etc. Proper reviews, ratings + thousand no. of installs also boost credibility, reputation or goodwill of a developer. It will keep him enthusiastic, energetic, motivated, socialistic as he will try his best to satisfy software requirement of users. And reap benefits or profits along with long-term survival.

What are the benefits to buy android app reviews online

Buy Android App reviews

App store reviews are the backbone of every application; it is a complementing tool to ratings. Application with no. of buy android app reviews online is always seen at the top or featured list of Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Buy app store reviews are where people share their experience with a particular application by writing few lines for it after giving ratings, meanwhile, they suggest others, whether they should buy app installs that app or not, pointing out mistakes, giving suggestions and request to developers, are all part of app store review. It can be called as the direct interaction between developer and user where the developer can also give the response to the user about resolving any query or giving assurance regarding solving some issues of the app.

buy android app reviews online

Process of buy ios app reviews


Process of get real app reviews is extremely easy; it is like doing nothing will take only 1minute of user

User just has to go play store

Search an app, download the same, use it, give ratings and reviews as whatever is his/her suggestion or if they want to share any experience, guiding others whether they should consider buying it or not, asking for some better features or solving any of the existing issues etc.

But this is also just a waste when existing users don’t bother or –pay attention to give ios app reviews and Android app ratings [ buy android reviews ], as it creates negative impact, it restricts growth of your app, no android app reviews,  bad ratings, no increase in downloads are all adverse conditions which contribute to miserable look of any app and people will simply stop when they find their desired app in featured list they don’t further move, in spite of the fact that your app has that quality but it is controlled by the shackles of reviews and ratings, no need to say bad rankings too. So is this over?

The answer is No, never.

You can go for buy app reviews. App store can play as a game changer for you, proving your application to rise from gloomy mud like a lotus and will catch the eyes of users and reach desired position.

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Need to buy android app reviews online


You need to buy android app reviews online and buy app ratings and reviews from only genuine users; you can go for paid ios app reviews as several websites are there on the internet to help you to boost your app. You can buy reviews [” buy android reviews “] by paying the reasonable amount, getting advice from professional experts, appropriate keyword android installs, unique services, easy to track etc.

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Benefits of buy android reviews –


  • Review from a real user from their real devices by using application with positive and meaningful reviews and ratings.
  • Reviews increment will also result in higher ratings and lots of buy android app downloads; it gives faster results and will contribute to earning more profits by spending reasonable sum only.
  • Developers who buy reviews receive absolute gains. They will see their app climbing ahead of the competition.
  • Positive ratings and reviews impacts on the ranking of the app.
  • Buy mobile app reviews nowadays are every developer’s requirement to make his/her app position destined.
  • Only real reviews work, fake reviews only result in harmful effects. So consider only genuine android app reviews and ignore fake ones.
  • Buy app reviews android can make your app a star but always be confident with app features you put in it because if you don’t justify with app features your app can’t go far. Strong app features with reviews can survive and reap benefits for a long term.
  • Buying reviews boost android app downloads in a very short span of time, thousands of buy ios installs and better rankings.
  • If you achieve to set the target after buying reviews. It will also give the developer a respected position and reputation. Which will contribute in future too?[rpt name=”buy-android-installs”]
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Buy Android app ratings


Ratings are always the first thing to notice, so the first job of an app developer is to increase ratings anyhow to give it a better look but only rating increment can’t do anything it needs compliment and that is reviews, after looking at ratings people go for past experiences by means of reviews of various users so positive reviews have a major role play, can make it with favourable oners or destroy it with negative ones.

Paid app reviews –


Buy app reviews ios are common these days, the most practical, economical way to buy favorable & effective app reviews from genuine websites. Like if Apple app store finds any of the fake reviews they surely remove an app from the store. So always go for real users.

Improve Android rank –


Google has its own system of buy ios rankings to different applications, Google does the keyword search in your app. title, combine average of ratings & reviews quality. so all it depends on your app ratings, rankings and reviews,  you can improve your rankings by going through different sites services.

Where can I buy app store reviews?


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Buy app reviews android


1. Smooth review

Here the system is like; you can get unlimited free reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here you review an app and earn points and you get a review for each point you earn for android as well as Apple.

2. Bestreviewapp


Here, a reviewer can create review and make money

3. Iismyshiftkeyonornot


They have no. of applications user there to rate review your app easily. It can really help you with more of buy app downloads & increased ratings.

4. Applytics


They have more than 5 million app reviewers and over 30000 reviews on a daily basis. They do reviews for Android apps as well as Apple app store.

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Buy play store reviews –


Buy android app reviews online can really work to make your android app stands at the top in the app store. Their services are to help you in improving your apps and enter in the featured list. Along with buy android app reviews online, they offer no. of services, app ratings, app. installs, and keyword boosts which improves rank.

Reviews are now playing a very important and interesting role for any company or any app. Developer looking to launch a new app or to boost the existing one. There are great benefits app developers derive by receiving positive reviews.

Flourishing of the app business to Buy App Installs and [ Buy App Reviews ]

The vast world of software never ceases to unfurl to us massive surprises that leave us awestruck. The zone of multiple varied applications always ready for service 24*7 with absolutely no solid complaints Buy App Installs and [ Buy App Reviews ].

However, this universe of software fantasies has a fantastic but complex background functioning that shall be our primary concern at the moment.

buy app installs

Ever thought why google chrome is more flawless than it seems to be, or the beauty camera perfectly captures the artificially manipulated face. It never stops to surprise me that. Then how the number of subscribers of YouTube can be somewhere closer to the population in China at large.

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Facebook is a hot sensation amongst a two-year-old child as well. Well, it took only a couple of months for my old neighbor to realize that WhatsApp is the most famous gossip app.

So, today our main concern should be the app promotion service of got Buy app downloads and buy app reviews.

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Intro to the app business buy app installs


A well-handled commerce for a particular application is as much important and a tough job as well as the development of the Android app. Perhaps the entire prosperity of the app basically depends on its marketing strategies. It matters so much.

So, that, potential app reviews might sink in the competition just because of poor marketing strategies. Whereas an inferior app might win the game because of apt marketing deals. This is why many app developers look forward to buy iOS app reviews and buy android ratings, buy android App reviews or buy play store reviews.

Well, the concept might be misunderstood but, it is not same as buying of thousands of false 5-stars app reviews for the application. It is actually, the influx of the sheer volume of android app ratings or buy app reviews for Android. That shall inject a potentially worthy feedback for the app. The benefits of buying AppStore reviews shall be eventually exposed.

Where to buy app reviews?


It is more important choose which buy mobile app reviews agency might aptly shoot up the benefits of your application. Well, it seems that Apple has ceased to support the concept of false buy app reviews iOS quite considerably.  This is however understandable because they thoroughly support the integrity of their review system.

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So, it is quite mandatory to judge how to handle this concept of fair but fake reviews. A few app stores had blatantly cut down on app reviews that are fake. This severely affects the online reputation of the application, as the buy app ratings are pushed down forcefully. And the views or the number subscribers might count down from 25 k+ to almost a few hundred.

Therefore, it is very important to choose an agency that has an access to globally spread manual skills. Mixed IP addresses are actually necessary to protect the falsely paid iOS app reviews. The Best buy ios installs on AppStore is actually a richly experienced website.

And provides paid ios app reviews from real users across the globe. This drastically reduces the risk of getting shortlisted for providing false buy android app reviews.

Exposure of buy app reviews and buy app installs


The diamond of the entire app development plan is an adequate exposure to the market of potential customers. It is quite vital to climbing the rankings level drastically to reduce an effect worth noticing such that there are viable chances of making noteworthy profits in the market. One of The best ways, therefore, to develop a fresh app into a potentially creditable app is by buying App Store reviews and google play store reviews. Moving on to the next part of our discussion

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 Buy App Installs [ buy android installs or buy iOS Installs ]


Whether a beginner or a publisher or a well-experienced hand in the field of app development. The major criteria that bother everyone are the proper promotion of the application in the market. The basic goal of the developers is to, therefore, arrange for the best ways to monetize their app. This is when the necessity to buy android app installs for the mobile app comes in.

It is actually a fashion trend for the app developers these days who tend to implement the most extraordinary and explicit ways upon the users so that there is an influx of the revenues due to the increase in the number of subscribers.

The basic thing about buy ios app installs or buy android app installs is to search for a reliable service provider. It is important that the app is well categorized according to its purpose and genres. Before proceeding to buy iOS app downloads or buy android installs [# buy app installs #].

This actually aids to properly categorize the best variant to successfully proceed with app downloads. The best way to explore is to locally choose the customers and then expand slowly. In order to critically appreciate the demand for the app.

One can then proceed to proper the purchase of the necessary service. After choosing the proper package, it is necessary to link the app to the google play store or the AppStore. It will take a few days before the results to be displayed.



The app promotion market is a vast competition to face. Possibly “survival of the fittest” theory works in this field and the strategy to survive is what matters. However, the competition that prevails, shall induce the brightest sparks in the app market.

[ Buy app reviews ] | ” Buy app downloads android ” and The Google Fantasies on It

Google Adwords and its contribution to advanced mobile targeting Buy app reviews and buy app downloads android

This techno world has never ceased to amaze me to buy app downloads android. With every enthralling topic that I deal with, it seems that this maze of unnaturally advanced techno-system tends to unfurl crores of new alienated terms and descriptions.

That leaves me a firm admirer of this known but unknown new planet of gadgets and technical instruments, applications and their infinite methodologies and implementations.

buy app downloads android

Well, such an impressive beginner argument was necessary to understand that dealing with google fantasies is definitely going to be a lot more appealing than it apparently seems to be. Such a great promote android app In the world of Google is ADWORDS.

In brief, this is quite a lifesaver to new app arrivals in the market. However, here we are basically going to deal with the targeted, advanced mobile applications of Adwords and their subsequent buy android app downloads.

Now, we need to get an insight into what exactly Google Adwords is.

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Google Adwords-A brief introduction

Google Adwords is an advertising application that provides great help to website installers who are a novice to the world of applications. Perhaps it aids to handle the online campaign all by oneself without any external advice. Perhaps, if it is an android featured application then there is an adverse rise of google play store reviews and ” buy android app ratings “.

Adwords supported applications do-not probably need. An influx in the field of buying play store reviews and buy App store reviews in case the gadget is an i-range of a device. It helps in an advertisement of the app and enhances business grasp locally or globally.

By targeting customers as and when needed without taking the aid of falsely enhancing [buy app reviews] by buy iOS app downloads or buy app installs or buy android app reviews or AppStore reviews. There is a detailed and refined presentation of the application besides a well maintained genuine advertisement.

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Money, money- no money….google Adwords

Well, the most amazing fact is that it demands no specialized visits and an absolutely free approach until and unless the advertisement produced by the Google app starts bearing fruit. Obviously when there is an influx of interest in the website and potential users start visiting the website.

There is a flexibility in budget depending on the goals of the budget. Well, investments may range from only a few hundred to a lot more hundred dollars as someone might intend.

On this contexts, I might slightly highlight a few points regarding app advertisements.

Pros and cons of in App advertisement [ buy ios installs ]

Pros [ buy app reviews ]:

Probably, there is a proper exposure to the customer world with or without adequate android bought installs. Here is a major contribution to the Adwords application. Survey says that more than 90 percent of the total Android users spend their time exploring new apps.

And the google application that presently concerns us captures the attention of the potential users. By providing with adequate advertisements in the maximum venture renowned apps. Therefore there is an automatic influx of android application reviews and iPhone app reviews and iPhone app ratings.

Thus leading to an automatic improvement of android app ranking or iPhone app rankings.

The other important factor is that the customers clearly understand the context and the purpose of the buy app downloads android. The Adwords application works miracles here by collecting key data signals and thus helps target the enthusiasts to a highly personal level.



Obviously, there can be a high chance of failure in resonating with the potential customers even if it is the mastering Adwords. That is advertising your application. Then comes the need of buying app reviews for Android, buy play store reviews and buy android app ratings along with buying android app reviews as a whole.

This basically happens because maximum mobile users do surrender to “banner blindness” which means they deliberately resist to clicking on the buy app downloads android advertisements, rather block advertisement. This proves detrimental to the business strategy of the startup applications.


Advanced mobile targeting to buy app downloads android -About device targeting.


Software manipulation might often lead to malfunctioning and unacceptable results which might arise. The needs of device targeting which might range from operating systems. Device models and inventories where the publisher might liberally provide a space for management and proper exposure advertisements.

However, sometimes, there might not be many favorable options to support all types of campaigns.

For example-  one may want to start a business of software backups. And thus target specific applications which might be benefited from this backup. This may lead to an influx of the Android app installs and reduce the budget by preventing the buy play store reviews, buy reviews for Android or buy android app reviews.

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Similarly, one might want to deal with gadget accessories for a particular gadget. With device model targeting one might produce an SMS add that reveals the objective of the app on a greater and distinct focus. There is a great deal optimisation of display campaigns for mobiles particularly.

For example, android app promotion ads will specifically target mobile phones. Adwords specifically set the ads to target such specific devices but settings are required in this field.

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So here goes another fascinating app world study to enhance the knowledge of app improvement. Therefore, happy app-ing to all those new ventures out there. So, not to quit, this app world has lots to provide, but be careful to grab them as early as possible.

Buy iOS app installs using ismyshiftkeyonornot services

Apple app store is the official app store along with its bittersweet rival Google Play.With app market guaranteed to get more competitive in the coming time, app visibility on the app store has become increasingly arduous for app developers. Buy iOS App installs are on the rising exponential curve with buy app downloads is one of the pillars to promote iPhone app.

Both these giants have over 5.5 million apps. There is no need to point out that if your app needs to survive in this oversaturated market and stand out as a top player. You need to literally give your blood and flesh to your app.

buy iOS app installs

Right from app development till the final steps of post app launch phase. Marketing, Advertising, ASO are some pivotal techniques you’d adapt once your product has launched. These increases boost app downloads by many folds thus generating more revenue. But, there are times when you are not benefitted from these buy app downloads for iOS [buy app installs iOS] services too.

Then buy app downloads iOS remains one of your last resorts. This can always impact your budget, but it also hits your app analytics by a storm of increasing app store ratings and app ranking on the top app store charts.


In this article, we focus on buy iOS app installs using ismyshiftkeyonornot service.

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Ismyshiftkeyonornot service of CPI


Buy iOS app installs is considered to be a safe bet for many reasons.

Cost per Install (CPI) is the cost app developers pay to acquire new customers from paid advertisements. It provides the information on how much does it cost a developer to market his product for each app install.

When deciding how much to pay to advertisers to “buy iOS installs“, it is vital to compare the CPI with Average Revenue per User (ARPU) so as to ensure that your income is more than your expenditure.

But the real question is still unanswered! How much should you pay to your advertisers for your promote iOS app on social media and other platforms?


CPI is one of the effective metrics which provides an answer to the above question.

This advantageous factor for marketers compels ad networks to place the adverts in places. Where the correct audience is targeted and conversion playstore ranking and ratings are better. The lesser the conversion rate, the lower the payment ad networks receive.

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CPI= (Expenditure on ads [For a specific time duration]/ Total number of app installs) * 100


To put it in numbers, if your marketing efforts cost $50 (generally minimum amount accepted by marketing agencies) and you generate 300 installs in a fixed time duration (be it 30 days). Your cost would be 50/300= $0.166 per install only.

Buy ios app installs from Ismyshiftkeyonornot


This is one of the most efficient platforms which allows app developers to buy iOS app downloads along with controlling marketing budget for the developers too. Mobile ad campaigning is one of their fortes and it is CPI technique they make sure of.

This platform is better than others to promote iOS apps because of the following reasons:

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  • Volume distribution


When you invest a hefty amount for #buy ios app installs# any virtual stuff, you need to ensure your balance is taken care of and the service distribution volume is right in front of your screen. Ismyshiftkeyonornot provides you comprehensive volume distribution along with handling your balance.

  • Quick start for the advertising campaign


Ad agencies don’t have a client or two. They are partnered with many corporations. This reduces their efficiency and the start of your advertising campaign gets delayed. Ismyshiftkeyonornot takes care that you get the quickest start possible without any time delay.

  • Benefits from marketing results

If your ad campaign is in 5th gear but you’re unable to reap any benefits, does it make any sense in investing your hard earned money for no use?

App developers only pay ismyshiftkeyonornot once the user installs the app instead of just the advert being viewed.

  • Real-time analytics


If you can’t keep track of the analytics, how would you monitor your growth? Many agencies don’t provide real-time analytics as they need 12-24 hours to process their database. And only then can they provide you with app download analytics.

Ismyshiftkeyonornot works on real-time and provides real-time analytics. With this feature, you can monitor your marketing campaign without any time lag.

  • Cent percent real users


This is one of the biggest frauds ad-agencies commit without you being aware of it. The analytics show that you’ve received downloads (as per the agreement) but you don’t get any benefits from that.

Neither your app ranking increases nor the number of organic downloads.
Because the users who downloaded your apps are automated bots and not real users.

ismyshiftkeyonornot provides 100{aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe} real users who not only install your app but even provide substantial app engagement.

  • Boost buy app ratings campaign


If you need to get benefit from all these endeavors, your ultimate aim should be to achieve greater app installs. A boost campaign provides greater installs by driving app downloads in short period of time.

On top of these features, there is something which directly impacts App store rankings. It’s the source of iOS app downloads. Other ad agencies provide maximum desktop downloads which have little or absolutely no impact on the app rankings.

But, ismyshiftkeyonornot provides real iPhone, iPad downloads.
Incentivized installs are another major add-on to this platform. Would you not be happy if you would receive a reward for an app download? This action results in incentivized traffic which directly impacts your iOS app downloads subsequently your rankings.

The reward can be in different forms. This install type your boosts app ranking and comes at a much cheaper cost than non-incentivized traffic. Consequently, with added traffic, comes more revenue.

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Top Creative ways to promote your App: # buy android app reviews #

Smartphones have been the gadget of time, and apps have been the biggest demand arising out of it. There is an app for anything and everything in buy android app reviews .

Now, buy iOS installs have more variety to offer than a local grocery store. With ever increasing number of buy Android app download, it has become highly Important to boost app downloads and market your app to remain in the limelight and to succeed promote apps.

buy android app reviews

Recommended strategies to buy android app reviews which will make your apps highly popular:

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 1.)Name your app:

Catchy, Short, Creative and Crisp names always attracts user

2.)QR Codes:


when the major targets are Smartphone generation with mobile buy ios app reviews, QR codes can serve your purpose the best to promote Android app. Adding them to your personal blogs, Facebook groups, website, business cards, brochures or mailing along with the download links would certainly increase app download counts and playstore ranking.

3.)Going for Offline Marketing:

In a situation when a large number of play store installs are available and high chances of your app going unnoticed, going offline for the campaign might prove to be a worthy idea and can be executed in the areas of the high concentration of your target customer. To buy android app installs at the same time with app reviews by giving them promotional offers may also help a lot in app promotion.

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4.)Marketing by Social Media:


The voluminous reach of social media can be efficiently utilized to drive app downloads in a community. Advertising your app or promote iPhone app through Facebook groups, Facebook pages, and Whatsapp media can help to reach a large number of audience.

Social media pages can be generated with basic details about the functioning to get real app reviews. Which may arise the curiosity amongst the masses to try it out.

5.)Submitting to multiple stores:


It’s never advisable to put all your eggs in one basket. According to “One Platform Foundation” Submitting your apps to the play store. Other than google play store and paid ios app reviews to increase the chance of getting app downloads at a manifold rate up to more than 200{aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe}. So the idea of launching your app only on google play store and ios can be expanded to reach multiple play stores.

6.)Pitch to app review website:


“Buy android app reviews online” websites which promote android app free can generate a lot of buzz for your app and can make it viral if they mention it, so contacting them you can expand your market to a larger mass Since android app reviews are seriously considered before downloading an app.

7.)Ask for reviews:


you should always ask for the app reviews for Android to your users. Google app review and apps stores reviews need to be paid. The most attention to Since words from the mouth of customers using it would create a higher sense of trust.

You can always go for paid reviews [buy app reviews]by offering the users a discount on any buy android app downloads offers. If your customer takes time to write out a review, no matter how long. You should take time the time to answer them back.

Regardless of what your customers say, let them know that you are trying to resolve the problem by listing out what step you are taking to solve their issue to buy app store reviews. This will help you improve your app rankings.

[rpt name=”buy-ios-reviews”]

8.)Offer your for free:

When your app is launched for the first time, it should be done for free. Certainly paid subscriptions can be provided for free for a period of one week along with the first installation.

There are already a bunch of barriers for your app to become successful. So help not creating other by putting in a price tag to it. You offer it for free for certain period though with compulsory conditions of providing apps store review after use.

9.)Run a contest:


you can motivate your user to promote Android app by sharing the app through social media and ” buy Android app reviews. Awarding a random person every day with promo codes to download your app for free and making in-app purchases.

10.)Creating app partners:


There should be a personalized link generated and given with each download. And this linked can be shared with others to download the apps. By keeping the counts of the number of downloads using their own personalized links.

The users can be awarded promo coupons which can be discounted with in-app purchase.

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buy android app installs

Buy App Downloads | How to do mobile app marketing?

The fundamentals of  Buy App Downloads

Buy app downloads Marketing analysts state that any app. Which gets launched in the recent time has to compete a lot with other apps to climb.  The steps of success and be adorned as the number one app.
But for such a thing to happen, it  is necessary that proper marketing and promotion of the app takes place. Marketing can boost app downloads the apps reach a great number. Irrespective of if you work at a tiny tea stall or are running a big company.

It is vital that you promote Android app as the best available app in the industry. If you don’t have faith in your app playstore ranking then how can you expect your customers to have faith in you?. Irrespective of where you place yourself in this world.

Your position can only be determined by the get real app reviews and ratings which your app receives.

And in your case, mobile app marketing would do the trick for you.  Pertaining to your marketing strategies you can either reach the seventh heaven or fall down to the famishing depths of hell. There are a plethora of apps which are being launched every day in Google play store and Apple app store i. e iOS.

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Google play store 

The Google Play store houses more than 2. 2 million apps and the number of apps being launched increases every second.  If you are looking for marketing an Android app or for instance even a game then you must be familiar with its importance. The app is displayed on the top of Google Play stores list.

The play store features millions of apps which adorn the play store and compete with their arch rivals to improve themselves more and more with every passing second.  This is where Mobile App marketing swings into action.

There is a plethora of sites and companies which can help you with your mobile app marketing. They even provide you with incentives which in turn help you to increase the ratings and your positive app reviews of your app. For your app to survive such harsh competition it is vital. That your app has been marketed well and reaches a greater target audience.

so as to be able to gain more popularity and shoot itself up in the rating chart.  One major way of marketing your app is to Buy 5 star app ratings online which is used by most of the app developers to increase the reach of their app.

You can also end up in such a manner where you  Get 5 star mobile app rating for your app which will help it to boost its views and user traffic on the app store or the play store.

buy app downloads

Marketing in the form of app reviews


App reviews play a major role in the promotion of any app as it helps to secure good ratings. The buy App ratings, in turn, help the app to get a larger number of android installs [buy iOS installs] as it pivots the target audience of the app. It is often regarded as human nature that we tend to find flaws faster than qualities.

If a user is unhappy with the apps workability then he will surely give negative reviews about the buy app downloads. But if the user is satisfied with the app then seldom it is seen that he/she takes the pain of visiting the app store. And leaving behind a good review or rate the app.

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He/she always prefers to rate later or never when the rate me dialog box pops up in the app after a satisfactory period of the apps usage time by the user.  It can be further categorized as two types of reviews mostly which include “android app reviews” and “ios apps reviews”.

You can easily “buy ios app reviews” or “buy android reviews” from various sites. It is also seen that to define a certain app most of the reviews posted in the review section are fake. So as to bring down the popularity of the app.

There are a number of sites which help you to get real app reviews. If you are an iOS app developer then you can Buy app reviews ios whereas if you are a developer for an app. Which will be featured in the Google play store then you can “Buy android app review”.

The steps involved when you Buy online ios reviews is really simple and can be achieved in a very short span of time. It is no rocket science. If you want your app to beat the queue and stand out in the crowd then you can also buy 5 star app reviews.

The magic called App Ratings


The steps are pretty simple and the success graph shoots up if you have great reviews. But are these reviews enough? The answer is a big NO. Good app reviews fetch good app ratings.  App ratings are really important if buy app downloads are a concern for you.

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These buy android App Ratings help to increase the number of app downloads and help to accelerate the download process. If you are interested in Buying android app ratings online then let me tell you nothing comes easy. It is a very simple process.

All you need to do is approach a mobile app marketing venture and subscribe to the type of plan which pertains to your needs and vola ! Your app marketing is fully taken care of by them and you can rest assured. It also boost app download.

If you want you can also buy ios 5 star app rating online or get ios 5 star app rating online as it eases out the marketing strategies.

Ways to market your app


You can promote android app for free so as to be able to gain a control over a larger audience. Following points highlight the fact that how can you market your mobile app.

  1. Social media plays a crucial role in the marketing of a buy app downloads. Be sure you’re your app is highlighted and promoted at large on all social media. For example, facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  2. Statistics show that only 40 {aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe} of app users find a new app on the play store. After browsing through the play store in search for a new app. So make sure your app is displayed everywhere and is the topic of discussion.
  3. Launch your app on multiple platforms such as Play store, app store, Windows etc
  4. Promote your app in  YouTube ads
  5. Feature your app in websites where people buy app downloads.
  6. Ensure you get positive app reviews ios or positive app reviews android for your apps
  7. You can also  Buy app reviews android and ratings in order to boost your apps marketing.[rpt name=”buy-ios-installs”]
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How to get 1 lack downloads in a month with ” playstore ranking “

Introduction playstore ranking :

The world is constantly working on fast forward. Hence it is required of us all to do the same if we want to thrive in this world. It is a millennium of the rat race and whoever slogs more can call the shots. Right? You are mistaken then, my friend to get “playstore ranking” of your app.

Even though the world has become a materialistic one there is still ample space for creativity to nurture and this is where playstore ranking comes into existence. If you launch an app today you will have to know how to market it else it wouldn’t survive to see the limelight.

playstore ranking

The number of apps on the Apple’s app store range to about over 2 million apps. While the number of apps that can be found on the Google’s Play store range close to about 2.2 million apps. The race to the seventh heaven is a long one.

This modern-day warfare between these two arch app stores will not be raised. Nor will the battle for the trust for victory amongst the apps present on the app store. The ladder to success is quite simple. You develop an app and market it well. Sounds easy right? Not quite.

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The way you market your app plays a vital role in its success. The rankings for the app also depend on the number downloads and play a crucial role in the popularity of any app. If you manage to get a hundred thousand downloads in a month then your app is already regarded as a very productive one.

These involve a certain controlled and heavily discussed marketing strategy to reach the above figure. In order to be placed along with the top apps present on the app store, you should attain such a huge figure.

What is the basic necessity to get the above figure playstore ranking?


The basic necessity for anything related to the app business is marketing. Marketing is the bible and “app promotion its god. The better you market the better response you get. Every day with the advancement in technology a new app is born which thrives to attain 5 star app rating or positive reviews.

You can also get paid android reviews. Marketing involves both paid and free promotion. You can also playstore ranking for free. As a developer, you should be more focused on making your app user-friendly. While the promotion part, you can rely on other companies which offer such services.

To maximize the traffic on your app give away goodies for maximum referral download etc so as to gain popularity and downloads. Draw an approximate figure so that you can invest your money and time accordingly depending on the poorest performing sector of your app.

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The marketing giants implore that certain steps and measures be undertaken to carry out app promotion strategies.

Such as buy android app reviews, buy play store reviews, buy app reviews android, buy app store reviews, iPhone app reviews and ratings, buy downloads for your app, buy ios app reviews, get real app reviews, paid iOS app reviews, buy app reviews online, buy positive google reviews, buy app ratings android, google play app reviews etc.

It is vital that your app gets maximum positive reviews on the app store.

The next step after developing the app :


If your app is still in the beta phase then launch it as a beta version so as to allow the beta app testers to test your app and send their feedbacks which will only make the app’s functionality better.

The launch of an app is an important aspect of its success. Hence it shouldn’t be ignored and maximum effort should be put into it. Create a buzz and gain popularity for your app.

Use out of the box ideas to promote Android app and implore the app store for the types of apps already available and their marketing strategies.

Launch your app on various platforms such as Apple’s iOS app store, Google’s Play store, Windows platform and other app launching platforms.

Visual media plays an important role in the marketing of an app. And helps to attract the crowd as it acts as an eye candy for them.

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The magic called App store optimization :


Most people aren’t familiar with this term but if you are you can make wonders happen overnight. It is the key feature to increase the number of downloads and increase the traffic on your app.

When a user goes to the play store, he enters the name of the app on the search bar and voila! The app pops up like a genie out of a bottle. But what if the user is unaware of the app’s existence? What then? It’s no big a deal that you have to ponder so much.

All a user does it enters the following set of keywords pertaining to the category of an app. Which he wishes to download and up pops a list of the apps which match the keywords entered. This is how app optimization works. Isn’t it just magic?

These are few of the methods on how to increase app downloads for your iOS or Android app.

There are various ways to increase the downloads and one very important one is sponsored ads. If you are into [Buy android app reviews 2017] then it helps the user to access latest reviews for this app. And also helps to get more downloads.

You can also free to pursue android buy installs for your app. Which in turn helps to add more features for your app.

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Summary :

The figure seems large while time a very short number. Time is of the essence and hence no stone should be left unturned for such a big heist. Define your set of parameters properly and prepare strategies. Which can be implemented to fulfill all the above-given parameters.

buy positive google reviews

How important [5-star android app ratings and reviews] on your app?

There are numerous apps available on the Google Play store or the Apple store but what makes your app stand out among all those apps is the 5-star android app ratings and Google app or iOS app reviews.

The app ratings play a very important role in influencing the user’s decision to “apps download. The first thing which is visible to the user is the app ratings. If the rating of the app is good then the customer is more eager to check out the app.

5-star android app ratings

If the app rating is 3.0 or more than that then the number of downloads tremendously increase app downloads. And on the other hand, if the rating is less or even 2.9 the chances of the users of downloading the app becomes considerably less.

If you have a perfect 5-star android app ratings,  which is very hard to get than the downloads of that app will keep on increase app downloads continuously.

The choice of the client whether to download the application or not rely upon the assessments of others. Thus if the number of google play review present on the android play store or ios plays store is given by the users are positive then it promotes Android app the new user to download it.

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Just a couple of clients will really go and give positive reviews for the application, the vast majority of the reviews will be negative from unsatisfied clients. There are various applications accessible on the Google Play store or the Apple store.

Yet what makes your application stand out among each one of those applications are the positive reviews of the application.

The Importance of buy android app reviews:

buy positive google reviews

• Positive reviews facilitate to get your app’s credibleness and inform potential users that your app is highly suggested. Which is able to eventually generate additional genuine app installs for your app.

• App store comments and 5-star android app ratings can have an effect on the app’s download rate. Once potential users decide to download your app, they’re going to decide its quality by reading the previous reviews from different users.

Many users tend cross-check least one review android before downloading. And ninetieth apps with over 4-star ratings are going to be android app downloads.

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• A sensible and positive review is additionally an indication to the App Store. It tells the App Store that your app is having a high 5-star rating and highly suggested.

• The reviews were just too crucial to app discovery and Android app downloads to go up to likelihood. Ninety-fifth users opt to mostly download an app that has rather more positive reviews.

Buy App Store Reviews Matter Too!

5-star android app ratings and google app reviews are usually lumped together to the height wherever the Sole significant metric looks to be those desired stars. Not withstanding, reviews serve a vital role that goes on the far side of the rating they’re related to.

First, Reviews Qualify Your 5-star app ratings

A four-star average rating could be an indicator that your app could be a smart match for most of the people however a compatible google play store reviews indicates that your app is a sensible match for a particular person.

It’s necessary to own both the social proof solely achieved through a high volume of positive app ratings. And also a lot of personal recommendation that speaks to the few points somebody evaluating your app for the very first time may well be interested in it.

Second, Reviews offer Valuable Feedback for improving the condition of Your App


Mobile marketers will stress over ratings all they want; however, at the ending of the day, ratings don’t offer unjust insights. A poor rating provides no indication of what you’ll be able to do, enhance future ratings, nor will an honest rating tell you what you’re doing right and what wrong as.

Your sparing engineering resources are seeing the foremost come back on their investment.

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Lastly, Reviews are mostly completely different


They provide a channel (all too usually the sole channel) for purchasers to inform you precisely what they require in a good app: to leave behind a feedback, report crashes, and create feature requests.

Mobile marketers and developers alike ought to keep an in depth eye on their reviews to understand the customer. That is your client’s pain points, which might then be reused to style a product roadmap and get to know your customers what they actually wish.

Reviews facilitate users to select an alternative from many available apps.

When we create a choice before downloading a good app, first of all, we’ll cross-check its title. Second, cross-check the numbers of reviews and small stars next to the app.

Reviews which are shared by app users, that might facilitate users to get to know whether or not. People appreciated it or not and why they did that.

Ways to use app reviews and 5-star android app ratings to increase your app ranking?

After knowing the importance of app reviews and ratings and the way they have an effect on your app ranking, the way to get them could be a new challenge for you. Normally, most app users wouldn’t prefer to leave their feedback unless they love or hate your app pretty much.

Thus, to avoid the negative reviews and low ratings, you have got to do your best to boost your app’s quality. Then you’ll get additional app reviews and high ratings to increase your app ranking. There are additional tips for you to come up with positive reviews and high ratings:

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  1. Produce an incredible app to let users leave positive feedback voluntarily

  2. Incentivize users to provide your app positive reviews and high ratings

  3. Advertising on social media and forums is the best way for marketing.

  4. Request your friends and family members to help you with the reviews

  5. Write a web blog or articles concerning your app to draw in audiences to download, install and review your app

  6. Upload your app’s exiting videos on social media like YouTube, Instagram.

  7. Exchange reviews and ratings with other app producers to get different opinions.

purchase android 5-star app rating online

Why to buy 5-star ratings online needed For Mobile Apps So Important?

Major app stores are filled with millions of apps. To highlight one particular app amongst all is a very difficult job altogether. However, there are marketing strategies for everything. Which is put to best used can fetch the best results such as buy 5-star ratings online or android app downloads provided by the different agencies.

One of the major techniques that help to increase the visibility of your app to the potential customers is ASO, app store optimization and app promotion.

buy 5-star android app rating online

Studies and research reveal that more apps are discovered through searches than by any other method. So to become visible when users search for the app, it is important to understand what app store optimization means and how to promote Android app your apps in the best way.

In order to rank higher in search results of an app store, APO optimize mobile apps in a way that does so. Better results come out of the better-ranked apps and review app. Your app can be better than the high ranked ones but nobody knows it upfront without using it.

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And to use the app, it needs to be download which will only happen if that app pops up first in top searches. More visible an app, higher are the chances of users to download it and led to app rankings. Thus, increasing traffic to an app’s page i.e. in the app store.

Keywords are also essential to the visibility of your app and drive app downloads. If your app doesn’t have the keywords through which most of the users’ search apps, your app won’t be shown top searches. Like any other marketing plan like buy 5-star ratings online, research of your target customer is necessary.

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You can understand the pattern users use to find an app and such keywords can go into your application to attract more users towards it.
It is the first step. More visibility means more downloads and more downloads means that many more customers. And the number of customers means more business which means more profit. And developers are in the business to make a profit.

Why is ASO so significant to buy 5-star ratings online?

buy 5-star ratings online

As per Forrester, 63{aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe} of the apps are discovered through searches. No other means stand close to the percentage of that. Therefore, the primary goal should be to enhance effective search techniques.

Sidestepping ASO technique can mean sidestepping the potential customers who were just one step away from becoming final users. It is the largest discovery channel for your app at your disposal.

So many publishers and developers who do not know about this secret app weapon. That is ASO and how to promote Android app free. In the race of topping the charts, there are few developers unaware of it.

You can have an edge over all these competitors by spending a considerable amount of time on ASO to improve your rank and positive reviews and meeting the end goal: increasing sales by more downloads and to promote apps.

ASO eventually results in better ranking app


Remember that for better results that last for longer time, the efforts and wait is relatively more. App store optimization takes a little time for app review. ASO needs to monitor and check on regularly.

Optimizing the right keywords at the time of app submission glows your app ahead of others that haven’t search right keywords to incorporate in a description. Such steps can hide app for months, and the discovery of which has less probability if you are not interested to buy 5-star ratings online.

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App developers need to consistently track their own rankings and the rankings of their competitors over time as they may buy android reviews also. More apps are published every day. Which the constant stream of new ratings, android review or ios app review, and downloads can affect your search rankings.

Keep testing and experimenting with your keywords in order to consistently rank well. Drive more traffic to your download page and to drive app downloads more.

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ASO has had noticeable effects on the apps of various clients who buy 5-star ratings online and Android installs. Only those who do not run in hasty and take time to understand. Follow these steps and take effective measures have grown their apps’ reach by 20 times and rank on google play store reviews.

An increase in revenue has also happened in similar or bigger rate. Due to increase in engagement of users earned by app store optimization. ASO is undoubtedly a difficult process. The results of which are not shown overnight, but can take some nights.

But once, the right amount of time is invested, the outcome will be worth it all increase app downloads. The market is fierce, and the competition is strong.  You have got to make sure you make your mark and that too, a lasting one and how to increase buy app downloads.