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Buy app installs or Buy Android installs and Buy ios Installs In the modern era of technology, people are more active towards different kinds of applications which are available in play store for Android and iOS users and they are proficient in buy Android installs and buy iOS installs. They are more active in buying the cheap app installs or buy android installs. And getting the positive response from the users is one of the main factors for getting the high-ranking or 5 stars for your app.

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Always getting the positive reviews and ratings from the people in the era of active mobile users. Especially if you want users for free is not an easy task as people are always attracted. Where they are getting benefits or where they are getting the offer which is in their favor.

cheap app installs

If you are choosing an ad network for letting people know about your app. You will find a number of ad companies which will interest in your app promotion services process. But it is always necessary to think twice before letting any ad company your ios app promotion.

Always take the expert advice or anyone who is proficient in this task-

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Buy App Installs

If you want the users to cheap app install and use your app in an effective manner. This task is called incentivized it is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of getting more users for your app. People will be increase app downloads and receive your particular app.

On the other way if you really want the users to cheap app installs your app for the real interest and for the real work. Then you must go for non- incentivized advertising for promoting your app promotion services.

The cost for the non-incentivized app is different and they are difficult to explain as non-incentivized. Means you are looking for the users who are more loyal towards your app.

get positive app reviews

And incentivized cheap app installs are cheaper than non- incentivized cheap app installs. You have to set some retention rates for the real cost of using the app for the users.

Buy App Installs for high retention

High retention scheme offers some of the special offers for buy ios App installs. When the user app download the user is required to keep the app for at least here days for getting and enjoying the special offers and rewards. And your android app ratings will improve significantly.

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Non-Incent app installs

If you are comparing high retention genuine buy android app installs with the non-incent app. Then non-incent app never rewards their users for downloading or installing the app.

If the users are showing more interest towards the app it will be in favor of the advertiser and advertising company as well for the long period of time. But you should always make sure that you have more loyal users. This type of campaigns or schemes can be showcase by banners.

Before deciding any kind of campaign or scheme for your app. You should always remember that higher retention rate will never alone be able to make the advertising material in your favor. You should always and always analyze the retention rate in the comparison to cost per buy android app install.

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Buy Android Installs

App providers keep in mind that you will at least once open the app after buying or buying it. So, you should always keep making sure that your app is clear.  It will for sure attract the user’s interest. If you can get the user for the long run it will be beneficial for you and your app also.

Many times you may get the users for the longest run. The long commitment even if they have installed the app for the first time. Buy iOS app installs offer the great possibility of increasing the app retention rate. With its High Retention buy app Installs android.

Buy app installs or buy app installs iOS or buy app installs android is the best way to get fastly ranking in the play store. To reach top ranking in the top charts of the app store by buying the app reviews only the way.


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Buy iOS installs – A complete guide to buying real installs

Buy ios app installs or buy iOS installs is a common practice which do help app rank better. However, you must consider some common pitfalls as you buy installs for iOS. This list is necessary to avoid getting delisted.

Buy iOS installs

When it comes to marketing, the digital world is not very different from the real world. Pre-launch pitfalls for any launch, be it a product, service, application, software or career is poor marketing strategies.

In a world with apple stores and play stores with thousands of applications. It’s humanly impossible to land upon a specific app without particular specifics of course.

This is why the developers need to ” buy iOS installs ” to boost up the app and its growth. With more downloads of the app, credibility of the application increases, hence the organic growth thereon. To settle on top of the charts, buy iOS installs is a way to go.

To save the developers from the cumbersome and tedious process of marketing the strategy organically, certain websites have initiated providing service to maximize to get iOS installs.

The usual drill for the developer is to pay providers and get app installs of the apps from users. Such processes are usually subject to risk and fraudulent, of which the providers take full responsibility.

Buy ios installs

Where to buy iOS installs?

Some cost-effective websites to attain such service are – Applytics, imarketify, ismyshiftkeyonornot and iAppreviews. Here is an extensive guide to buy android installs from these websites.

  1. iMarketify Installs-

    Charges as low as $0.15 for every install. The beauty of iOS install is that each install is from real-time users, reducing discrepancy, eliminating ambiguity and ensures 100{aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe} genuineness.

  2. Applytics-

    It is another website offering the same service as iMarketify, this is notified that charges of buying reviews, ratings differ from the charges of buying app installs.

    Applytics deal in packages that start from as low as $150 for 100 iOS installs to as high as $ 4000 for 5000 buy iOS app installs. There are obviously packages lying in between the two ends. Developers can order as many as per their needs.

  3. iAppreviews-

    Not very different from the other two websites mentioned, iAppreviews on the top of everything else mentioned has prompt 24*7 support management, aiding to any need or query resolutions.

    The charge is as low as $2 for iOS installs. Visit the website to learn more about how the process works.

  4. App2Top-

    An All-Time Classic, a website that never disappoints in getting ratings. Although they have stopped ratings a well ago, their install plans are certainly brilliant.

  5. BHW-

    The all-time favorite forum of all ninjas who are always keen on making your app look better. BHW is essentially the home of Android ratings and buy iOS ratings.

  6.  Ismyshiftkeyonornot

    Buy ios app installs and buy ios installs is the top site which will provide the reviews, ratings, and the installs from the real users. Which are getting from 95% genuine and real users. which are going to stay a long time.

    5 Reasons why it is brilliant to buy iOS installs


    1. While to buy iOS installs, an added advantage is that, with the growing installs through paid strategy, there is also a gradual increase in installs organically. When an app has more Android app installs, views, and ratings, the ranking of the application. Is likely to go up making it look as an app that is widely popular and accepted.It is a trend to buy iOS app installs for so many years and now it has also added to the growing trend.
    2. Since the users are real users from around the world. Paying them to install applications is not considered punishable under any Information technological act. Their widespread geographical existence further add to the authenticity and legitimacy.
    3. It is a cost-effective technique if practiced in bulk. Developers can buy up to as many Android app installs they want for their app as they find feasible.It is like math, more iOS installs would lead to higher credibility, more growth and development of the app and certainly cut the cost of the package when bought in bulk.
    4. After launching an app, it is found highly unsettling among the developers to wait for their app to surge up the performance charts.Without any self-incised installs or android app reviews, it comes hard on developers to see their apps crashing down. As a failure after years of efforts and intelligence.

      Buying iOS installs – Android app ranking

    5. Having to do everything on your own can lead to plausible delays and wasted efforts.Therefore, the marketers of the mentioned service providing websites keep the track of your app performance.They position efficient marketing strategies to promote your app to the top charts.
    6. The action and results are duly noted and discussed in length. There is also something else that helps developers keep noted of app’s performance themselves.When you buy iOS installs, these packages come with the reporting feature. That developers can ask for to look into the growth and analytics.On just one click, the feature can be made available with an in-depth report of retention data, growth chart and increase in sales.


buy iOS app installs

Buy App Reviews Is a Good Idea promote Apps?

Buy app reviews is the constant hard work, the late night coding sessions and the determination to create something new. After months of tremendous efforts and hard work, finally, your dream app is complete and is now ready to be launched. You did the marketing and tried everything you could to publicise the app so that users get to download and use your app.

After all, the success of the app depends upon the number of buy app installs you get but how will people know that your app is good and is worth using? The answer is simple – user buy android app reviews. People seem to read buy app reviews and buy android app ratings before trying out the app by themselves. So it comes to the question of the day.

Is it a good idea to Buy App Reviews for your apps?

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The Answer

Many opinions will surface while answering this question. Many will resort to saying a no to this question. After all, you will be adulterating the android app reviews and rating, which sounds unethical.

So is it wrong to buy android reviews for your app? A valid business inclined answer to this question will be NO.

Yes, you should #buy app reviews android# for your app. This is because when you buy reviews android in Google Play Store. You are automatically enhancing your android app ratings, which “boost app ranking” your chances of being considered by users.

People tend to buy android installs, which have to buy positive feedback google play and good ratings. This way they know that the app is good and is worth spending MBs of their data.

buy app reviews

Buy app reviews how does this work?

Let us talk about Google Play Store. When it comes to downloading an app, most people are unsure about the usability of the app and so they stay away from products that are not tried before. They look at the buy android app ratings and go through the reviews before installing the app.

And that is why it gets difficult for the new android apps. There is always competition and there is a likelihood of your app specifications clashing with other products too. There is a process of buy android app reviews based on a number of downloads and apps with good ratings often end up in top ranks.

Apps with good ratings and a good rank will always be selected over new ones every single time. People do not install new apps with low ratings and therefore it never gets user review. This chain goes on building and ultimately you never earn much from all the hard work you put.

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How to increase buy app installs?

That is when you buy android ratings come in picture. You hire people and they are paid to review your apps and write positive reviews for your app and provide your android app with good ratings. This way your android app reviews and it’s rating goes up and is gradually seen by people.

Once your android app starts getting positive app reviews, it will catch the attention of users. People seldom select apps with a good rating compared to an app with inadequate reviews and ratings. Thus, the number of buy Android app installs increases and so does your profit.

Apart from this, many app review websites provide a platform for new apps to publicise themselves and get a good public reach. Hence, you buy android app reviews and enhance your buy android app installs.

Buy app reviews or buy android app installs on these websites can also be a crucial step towards boosting your app downloads. The same scenario goes with the iOS app market [ buy ios app installs ].

You can “buy iOS reviews” and buy ios installs in a similar way and can “increase iOS app installs”. Buying reviews always turn out to be in favor of your business.

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Android app market is a competitive place and in order to usher, one needs to try every possible strategy to become the game changer. A good quality of a product is must for a successful venture but it will not be influential if it lacks a solid marketing strategy.

From the last decade, buy app reviews and buy ios app reviews or buy ios reviews making a huge market. The developers and the business market persons all are target to get their app in the top charts of the play store. So they are ready to buy app reviews or buy iOS app reviews at any cost.

Google Play Reviews provide a substantive way of enhancing your product. After all, people trust a brand based on its reputation. ” Buy iOS app review ” might sound unethical to many people.

But it should be kept in mind that efforts need to be put If you want your project to be successful and success in such a fierce competitive place can be achieved only if you stand out. By buy app reviews iOS, you not only build a reputation for your app but with it you also open new opportunities to a better business.

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“Buy iOS App Reviews” | Buy App Store Reviews

Buy ios app reviews is a great disparity all around, that the word ‘fake’ has become quite a part of our daily living. Along with the daily commodities, it seems that the world of software and the concerned techno enthusiasts have fallen a prey to the fraud monsters for [ Buy app store reviews ].

But it is quite shocking that this technically advanced society has failed to recognize a great scam belonging to the same religion of gadgets and its soft world.  The android app reviews and the Buy app reviews and buy app ratings fail to provide proper guidance to the app hailers. So here, I am going to discuss, why such a grave scam is overlooked by our statistical interpretations.

SEVERITY OF FAKE APP ATTACKS with Buy app store reviews


The entire security of the Android app reviews [# buy android app reviews #] or the iPhone is posed to a serious threat that, has the capability to damage the entire hardware. It might also, loot the private data that can prove detrimental to one’s own personal security.

Well, for dealing with this world of fake fantasies, it is important that we better understand, how we are lured into the world of fraud giants. How the artificially decorated apps succeed in misguiding us.

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Fake apps hunting for customers

Well, paid app reviews or buy App Store reviews are the ones that lay the trickiest traps to be stepped upon. For example, it is very common that, time, sometimes, meddle with our gadgets that slowly tends to proceed to unresponsive modes. Which gradually become irritating to handle.

Henceforth, scouring for antivirus apps and clean masters, we step into the world of fraudsters and fake applications. These apps basically, buy android app downloads and buy android app ratings to improve the Android app ranking and the corresponding ratings.

Thus, these fake master apps display some false junk scan results. A fake antivirus scanner can trick its customers to think. That there might be some serious problems with the system and offer them to buy some licensed software.

buy app store reviews

Which might amount to a few hundred dollars along with some software backups which is absolutely bogus.So, instead of contributing to the safety of the device, such apps might add on to its security threat.

Similarly, there might be a number of fake e-commerce sites that may imitate the name of some real companies to display their authenticity. Such apps even have the audacity to ask from the users, their bank details. Some even hack personal data. Thus, potential users are tricked.

Apple AppStore recently confiscated a shoe shopping app, fake as it was, named footlocker sports. That bore a false resemblance to the great American footwear company Footlocker. Such fake apps are able to escape the stringent laws of authentication provided by apple and android.

Buy ios app reviewsbuy iOS app downloads, buy iOS app ratings, Buy app store reviews and other such legitimate channels. Some fake apps might even refuse access to some legal apps.Now we are to discuss why we fail to statistically recognize this fake scam that is going on in the software market.

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Buy ios app reviews Avoiding fake techno scams…and a statistical 


The techno world has its length and breadth expanded to great limits. It is almost impossible to track the fraud system. That is a major reason, I think that the scam remains ignored particularly. Probably, AppStore holds million or two of such apps whereas google surpasses it with an additional 0.2 million.

The constant increase in the volume of smartphone users has led to the explosion in the world of app development. Under such conditions, even the stringent security of the App Store and play store gets breached. Now, the point of discussion is the ESCAPE plan.

Often, the fraud app creators ” Buy App Store reviews  ” and play store reviews to boost app downloads or iOS app rankings [ buy iOS ranking ].

Identifying fraud scams have been a revolutionary step in saving the techno world. And thus lessen the statistical outlook on such lying activities. Well, the number of security attacks being first on the priority list. Fake invasions are being defeated by strong data encryptions.

According to a recent statistical study, there were a total of 128,000 business Apps alone in 2014 crowding the Apple AppStore. And 300,000 gaming apps lurking around in the play store. At such a juncture of time, it definitely becomes a cumbersome besides.

A challenging job to search for a fraud app amongst 428 thousand other applications.

Most of the time fake app reviews for android and bought mobile installs play the winning role. The fraud techno farms use ‘human water armies’ and ‘bot farms’. Which acts upon android buy installs and thus boostmobile installs. Acting through multiple hardware and gadgets thus giving fake ratings and reviews.

Such apps, therefore, occupies the top rank in the app list of the store.  Therefore it becomes hard to analyze well-ranked fraud apps.

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Development of fraud detection apps

Well, this is a reason as well why the fraud apps skip the statistical review. Before There was a lot of research in the field of fraud app development by marked excellencies as SabbineniPoojitha and VemuriSindhura.

Buy App Store reviews, rather paid app reviews and paid android reviews are unable to escape this developing trend of detecting fraud business.

There has been a development of ‘Ranking fraud detection system ‘ that prevents buying android app reviews, play store reviews, buy app installs for Android, buying android app ratings, buying mobile installs and other such illegitimate acts.

There is one adequate evidence on ratings and false reviews are based for detecting fraud.

Experimental researches and adequate development of technical intelligence to the detection of a fake software system. It also increased the credibility of mobile apps and drastically reduced statistical interferences.

Well, another reason might be the ignorance of the potentially weak android and iPhone users. Who comprise more than 60{aa55028dca225cbc42e3037927e205e14ccdd9a3bc284a7f97e8b20d2a79c8fe} of the present generation. Who still remains a victim to such fraud scams, satisfied and fails to complain and report such illegal activities.

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It is still a great failure in this world of a gradual evolution that the ethical degradation of personalities. Which is leading to fake activities is still being a bloodsucking leech to the road of development. However, as the saying goes, ‘ A cheater will always cheat, a liar will always lie…’,.

We cannot help the development of such fraudulent mentality but always count on being a remedy to such a disease.


Positive iOS Reviews

Buy Android App Reviews | Buy Android Reviews | Buy iOS Reviews

Buy Android App Reviews will help the peoples to get their app ranks better in the app stores. To buy android reviews [ buy app reviews ] there are a lot of sites which will provide best services. Everyone who develops a new app it is like a dream to make it popular and see it flourish like the major apps and websites when we buy app keyword install. We bring you a few techniques and strategies to get your app on top of the publicity game when you buy android app reviews.

Everyone is looking for their app to grab most eyeballs and wants their apps to be famous worldwide. So one of the most effective ways to do is getting app reviews android by people on the app store and google play store.

Buy android reviews

People mostly influenced by other people and their actions as when to ” buy android app reviews “. So you have to keep a check on the image of your apophenia so that your review apps and app ranking is higher.

You find more and more ratings improving your rank on the play store and app store so that when you buy mobile reviews. Also, when your ratings are better than you would choose your app over any other competitor’s app to help you drive app downloads.

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And lastly, if you have good android reviews and rankings you would also make it to the top of your charts which increases your android app installs count. The first step is you need to build a great app then only you can get positive app reviews for your app.

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  1. Buy Android App Reviews :

    The people who are more likely to open your app are the ones who need it and use it frequently, here is when they positive android app reviews.

    If someone is more frequently enjoying your app they would mind in giving a detailed review and a good rating to your app. which will really help to your app promotion.

    buy android app reviews

    This can help a great deal to help your app is being promoted among their friends if they share their positive reviews and opinion regarding your app. Since your app has just begun there may not be an opt of these users but they will grow and give buy android app reviews and Android app ratings.

    Don’t go on asking for iOS app reviews from everybody that downloaded it few days. Give them some time and patience to evolve and see how they like it and give a ios app review.

  2. Don’t ask too soon to Buy Android Reviews:

    You obviously can’t ask a customer to review the app as soon as they open out, you have to let them see the apps working and functioning. Otherwise, you would just be annoying and wouldn’t be good for ranking app.

    People need time and usability to see how they feel and think about your app. you aver to let them give positive google review app and rating but in the required time.

  3. Try non-pop-up methods for asking best buy ios reviews :


    Pop-ups are irritating as they block the view and working of the bestreviewapp. you need them to not be annoyingly consistently. There are certain timings ask for a rating like a notification or a simple task.

    After finishing a task on the app after that you can ask for google play store reviews. Or another way of making your requests less annoying is that you can add an option to give a paid to review among the rest of the content visible on the app for you to know how to increase app downloads.

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  4. Ask nicely:

    Many things in this world become easier if you ask nicely promote apps because politeness goes a long way. Try and make your language casual because of people and most likely to respond to a friendly question rather than complex formal questions.

    You should accept the users with graciously if they don’t want to review the app don’t make them say no again and again because that will just lead them to uninstall your app.

    So, you could buy google reviews to generate more traffic to your app to get more users for promote apps.

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  5. Don’t sound desperate:

    Begging for ratings and reviews are going to take you nowhere you need to understand that the reviewing capability depends on not only the publicity on social media and customer care but the actual functioning and usability of your app.

    Don’t tell them things to give positive iOS reviews which will make your app successful. People give positive reviews to apps and not words. If the user is pleased with the overall experience of the app then only ready to promote Android app free.

    Make your requests such a way that they know in what ways they have benefited from using your app and do not ask it like a personal favor. Also, tell hem how could your app benefit others too and tell them you like to help others just the way you have helped them with google play store reviews.

  6. Don’t ask them at the 1st second of app opens :

If your user is opening the app it is obviously for using it and not reviewing it so, let the customer use the app for its task and then ask for them to provide a buy android app reviews.

If you ask for a review as soon as the user opens the app, the user may refrain from using the app altogether so you can get positive app reviews if you keep things such as timing and the work done on the app in mind.

buy app installs

Buy app installs online | Buy iOS App Installs | Buy Android APP Installs

Buy app installs online When you want an app on your phone, what do you do? Don’t you immediately go to play store or App store depending on which device you own? The reason for that is because we are so accustomed to using Play store or App store to buy android app installs.

What made us accustomed to it? It the fact that it was part of our phone when we bought it and it is the medium everyone around us uses. As they are user friendly and help us find the app we are looking for in a jiffy we don’t consider any other substitute.

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Buy Google Play store Reviews

Google play store is a platform service by the Google incorporation. It was born on March 6 th , 2012 exclusively for its android devices such as mobile phones, tablets and Google televisions. Play store is a place where all types of apps are available to the user. And allowing the users to browse and download applications published by Google. It also serves as a digital media store, offering music, magazines, books, movies and television programs.

buy app installs online

Investing in your app

As an app developer you will already be investing a lot of time and effort in developing the app ,to top that ,you will have to pay a fee to the Google play store and Apple app store if you want them to place your app on their platform. In Apple app store they have to pay $99 per annum and for Google play store it is a onetime payment of $25.

App stores depend on paid apps to get their income as they will be receiving a certain amount from
the developers as their app gets more downloads. In the industry the standard percentage given to the
store is 30% but it may vary according to the store and the type of app .

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How is your app viewed by a user?

The user will search for the app under a specific tag and then they will be presented with the apps. That suit their specification according to their android app ranking. The higher the rank, the more, visible your app is to the users. The users come to download apps with the mindset that the higher the, apps ranking the better the quality of the app.

How do you reach higher rankings?

There is concept that not many of us are aware of, it is known as buy android app reviews, buy app installs online. This helps app developers increase their app ratings and app reviews which will leave a good impact on the users. We can go to multiple online sites which will create app reviews and app ratings for our app. When they create app reviews and app ratings its improves the number of app downloads and buy ios app installs. That’s the long way to get more android app downloads.

If you buy app installs online or buy app reviews for you mobile app. which platform of your app like buy android installs or buy ios installs to increase you app ranking and shows to more user to get more downloads too.

Now the shortcut to get more app downloads is by buy app installs online and buy app installs android.

[rpt name=”buy-ios-reviews”]
The app developers will go to a site which caters to their needs of more buy ios app downloads and installs as well as professional app reviews and app ratings. The sites will be doing this in the form of packages. each package will consist of the number of buy app installs online you want. And the app link as well as the region of your target audience. The site will ask for the region of the target audience. Because the reviewers will phrase them according to the target audience’s focal point.

The sites will accompany you until your app goes out of sales or is taken down from the platform. It’s not like they will be free of cost after the one time usage but they will have discounts for you as you will be using it more than once. They also update the reviews when the app has been updated. They update it because when an app is updated you cannot transfer any of the app ratings or app reviews. So it has to be done from step one all over again.

Buy app Installs

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This way the app will have a head start compared to all other apps that have been updated. And will be able to attract more new users with an updated version. When you buy app downloads, you will also improve your networks in field as they have catered to many such apps.

Buy app installs is a safe and secure process for the organizations. Using the app link guarantee a 100% discretion of the work. The sites are usually of professional agencies who will work miracles if you give them the right information they are asking for. When you buy app downloads the
traffic towards your app increases. When you reach above 10000 plus downloads your app is consider to be useful and efficient. You may consider this a malpractice but it is actually a method of promotion.

Even though there is a saying that the long way is the best way it does not hold true when it is related to apps. Apps are continuously moved in and around the platform. The app developers have to be quick on their feet and keep making changes to the app. Which will keep up to the dynamic environment? Shortcuts maybe the best way to keep up in the field of applications. So if you’re an app developer and want to make your app the best. And take it where you think it belongs then buy app installs online is your solution.

How to Get Your App Covered on Buy Android Review Sites

Buy android app reviews is One of the sources that the app users find their apps based on the reviews they get is app review sites. Since 2008 the digital ecosystem has expanded and many such websites have emerged in the past years, these websites buy android review have to buy app keyword install great influence what and how many people use to do apps download. These sites may specialize in Android, iOS or both the operating systems.

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Some of these websites earn money through selling the app reviews they give on their sites other may just do so by placing ads. The quality of the buying app reviews given can vary from site to site.

Some may be poorly written and bring to developers no profit buy android app ratings what so ever. Others may give really good and well-written reviews which may increase the apps download rate and help promote the app.

buy android review


App Review Submission Sites

When you have less time to actually research and execute, these are the sites you approach. The key is word submission because many developers don’t understand the concept of app submission to review apps sites. There is no guarantee paid iOS app reviews that the apps submitted will be reviewed.

Mostly the research of the taking buy android app reviews and buy android reviews is the best option for buying it services. The app review submission sites is wont to get any guaranty for getting positive reviews or ratings.

Because the decision to play store review is always not made by the buy android review owner. And they also can not influence to buy android app rating decision. A no. of sites that provide these app promotion services are:

[rpt name=”buy-android-installs”]
[rpt name=”buy-android-installs-2″]


It provides a submission service to either 150+ buy reviews app store sites (both iOS and Android) for $699 or 200+ sites for $1,399  within a week period which can provide play store installs. Providing with a subsequent full report with contact details, commentary, and secured exposure.

The android buy installs or buy play store reviews for your app most of the companies may gives you the best android app installs. when you bought android app installs if any installs not completed within the time period you may get app installs some extra by the compensation wise.

MobiliSpot –


It offers apppromotion packages that range from $199 to $799. Positive reviews Service is also available individually.

Available services include google reviews app submissions to 115, 155, or 225 review sites, press kits, published press releases, app review pitches, directory listings, and 250 blog promotion submissions.The good feature of this is that provides a submission proof.

Android App submission –


It provides 6 step app review sites submission process. It starts with paying for the buy android review services via PayPal, credit card or Wire transfer.  Submitting an app with all information required, then all this information goes to be composed in a final message pack to submit. This site provides a complete report of all app store ratings and reviews.

iSpreadNews –


It offers to buy ios app reviews or buying app installs, Android, Windows Phone or Mac OS app request to review to US / UK based or international promote Android app services also. The international app review sites scope consists of blogs that post news about apps in 20+ languages, including Deutsch, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.

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How to Approach Buy Android Review Sites


If you plan to indulge in using these sites for app promotion here are are few guidelines:

Press Release-


Since buy android app review sites owners receive a stream of apps to review. They review a lot of press releases that are attached buy ios installs to a standard app review pitch.

As it happens with any cut from the same cloth kind of information, press releases stop invoking a response of iOS app reviews and ratings lead to buy iOS installs they present to be tossed away.

Informative App Pitch


You can hire bloggers to develop a pitch for these sites for them to be reviewed. The point of sending a pitch is to grab attention and make a good case for why journalist/blogger/buying reviews site owner should cover your mobile app.

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Promo codes


It is important for you give your users promo codes for better ios app promotion. Even though an average app price point is only $1-2. Usually buy ios app installs site owners prefer to a get a free copy. Check out the iTunes Connect guide to see how you can get promo codes for your app.

Buy Android Review Site Guidelines

Some guideline are specified for every website and as an app developer, you should follow them for best results.

App Video Demo

A short, seconds video demo is the most illustrative way to demonstrate what your app is about and convince to get app reviews to your application. You have to make sure that the video expresses the concept of that video in that 30-60 seconds of limited time.

Don’t Be Annoying

If you annoy people by sending in submissions day after day, they may reject your offer. Remember about it when you buy android ratings submit your app and follow up reviewers up to 3 times after you’ve submitted your app.

Free App Review Sites

buy reviews android

Some of the sites you can submit your app to are:

Touch Arcade – one of the oldest and the most respectable game review sites. The website forums have about 10,000 actively increase app downloads, users, google play reviews.

Who participate google app reviews in game discussions, positive app reviews and rating as well as more than 400,000 members in general.

App Advice – in addition, to buy app review, it features videos section with the host Robin Rhys that presents both hardware and software reviews on a daily basis.

Slide to Play –the game app review site with iOS, tvOS and buy Android app review, launched in September 2008. The company’s staff includes former writers from CBS improve android app rankings Interactive’s GameSpot as well as It covers the whole spectrum 5-star app rating of types of games, featuring app ranking the best games and the ones that should be avoided.

appPicker – iOS app review site with both staff and reader app reviews, as well as video previews section. Also, the site which will provide the app buys app store reviews Promo codes section to giveaway app promo codes. The Top 100 chart with 100 the best app reviews.

buy app isntalls

Top 10 Benifits to Buy android downloads | “# Buy App Installs #”

When it comes to making money from your app, always focus on quality. When the app has good quality it will lead to better app ratings and to get more drive app downloads which will, in turn, lead to more revenue. So there is again no need to buy android downloads. After all high annual revenue is the aim of all app developers.

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App developer’s best friend

Once you have an app which you feel will capture the attention of all the users. Follow the guidelines that Google play store reviews have given because it has a procedure to be followed before it will give you a place on its platform. TO buy Google Play store reviews are the best friend of all app developers. As it has taken the time to specify what all they are looking for before your app can be on its platform. The more your app has followed the guidelines the better the positioning of your app on the platform.

buy android downloads

Price to local markets

Each local market has different currencies and Google Play store is a global platform caters to users from different countries and cultures. When you have created an amazing[ buy android downloads ] which will feed the ravenous customers needs. you must price the app in such a manner that they will be willing to pay the price. In each region, a specific price may be considered economical, so as app developers you must change the price of the app according to the region.

Free for a while

Even if your promo for them to buy ios app installs is exhilarating. Some users may be reluctant about paying for an app which they have not experienced. There have been many cases where the promo is absolutely different from the actual app. And so the users have paid for the app when they end up deleting within a few days of installing it as it didn’t satisfy their need. Let the users try your app for free and if they are enthralled by it and you feel that they will see the value of it after using it. You can offer them a onetime purchase to unlock the app forever.

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Extra reviews to ” buy android app reviews ” with a price

It is always better to introduce a free trial period for your new app. To gauge their reactions about the app before you introduce a premium or pricing system for an upgraded version. If your user likes your app then they will have no hesitation in paying you for your apps additional benefits. You may also create a free app with the core features to engage the users and then offer extended features using in-app purchases. Such as removing ads, adding enhanced functionality and adding in-game items.

Improve conversions of buy android downloads

Google analytics apart Google app store which provides invaluable information about the users to the app developers. It will let them know when their users lose interest in the app and why they lose interest in the app. To improve the number of downloads for the app; the app developer may improve the features of the app so that the users don’t lose interest in the app. The interest levels are based on the behavioral flow of the users.

You can use Google analytics to make the app experience better and increasing
conversions of install to paying users.

Downloads in Google Play store is what will help your app become known to the users. The more the android app downloads, the higher the app ranking on the android system and thus the more visibility to the users.

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Optimize your marketing

All businesses market their product or service so that it is known by the customers. When you have been marketing your app for a while, you will be able to identify which source you are attracting most of your customers. When that has been identified, you as an app developer should use most of your resources on the one that does its job the best.

The user acquisition performance report in the developer console will show you how many users visited your store listing. How many go on to install your app and how many make purchases. Through this, you will be able to identify where your most valuable customers come from and so you know where to focus your efforts.

Promote your other apps with buy app reviews

As an app developer, you are not restricted to creating only one app. When your previous app has been successful, the users will have more trust and expectations in your app promotion. So promote your other apps for free as they are already familiar with your apps. And so have great prospects for your other offerings.

If you generate income by allowing other organizations to display advertisements on your app. Make sure to let them know about the new app so that they have more forums to advertise their products and services on.

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Optimize your buy play store reviews & ranking

Your listing will most probably be prospective users the first introduction to your app. So make it compelling, start off with an attractive logo and tagline and add eye-catching icons and graphics to catch the users attention and convey the value of the app.

Promote in-app products to prospective buyers for free

Users have already bought in-app products are good prospects for future purchases. So you must let them know what’s an offer. You may let them know through advertisements that you display on your app before the offer occurs or on other apps that your users are sure to use.

Run a re-engagement campaign

Retaining your existing customers can be an effective manner of marketing. There are many ways of reaching your customers who have to buy ios installs or buy android downloads of the app. But have not been using it recently or active users. Who have not fully explored all the features of the app? As the users search for something, the advertisements are displayed to the customers letting them know about the features, they are yet to discover or new offers.

App developers can also use app indexing where the app link is provided to the customer. Which leads them to the desired page which contains the complete information about offers. Or to the page where they rediscover the features of the app buy android downloads online.

In the 21 st century where each and every business owns their own app. The top 10 hacks will help to keep their app on the top among the buy android downloads and play stores. for more details, you can click on this link

The top 10 hacks should help you be more effective and efficient in terms of buy android downloads app marketing and selling.

What are the benefits to buy android app reviews online

Buy Android App reviews

App store reviews are the backbone of every application; it is a complementing tool to ratings. Application with no. of buy android app reviews online is always seen at the top or featured list of Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Buy app store reviews are where people share their experience with a particular application by writing few lines for it after giving ratings, meanwhile, they suggest others, whether they should buy app installs that app or not, pointing out mistakes, giving suggestions and request to developers, are all part of app store review. It can be called as the direct interaction between developer and user where the developer can also give the response to the user about resolving any query or giving assurance regarding solving some issues of the app.

buy android app reviews online

Process of buy ios app reviews


Process of get real app reviews is extremely easy; it is like doing nothing will take only 1minute of user

User just has to go play store

Search an app, download the same, use it, give ratings and reviews as whatever is his/her suggestion or if they want to share any experience, guiding others whether they should consider buying it or not, asking for some better features or solving any of the existing issues etc.

But this is also just a waste when existing users don’t bother or –pay attention to give ios app reviews and Android app ratings [ buy android reviews ], as it creates negative impact, it restricts growth of your app, no android app reviews,  bad ratings, no increase in downloads are all adverse conditions which contribute to miserable look of any app and people will simply stop when they find their desired app in featured list they don’t further move, in spite of the fact that your app has that quality but it is controlled by the shackles of reviews and ratings, no need to say bad rankings too. So is this over?

The answer is No, never.

You can go for buy app reviews. App store can play as a game changer for you, proving your application to rise from gloomy mud like a lotus and will catch the eyes of users and reach desired position.

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Need to buy android app reviews online


You need to buy android app reviews online and buy app ratings and reviews from only genuine users; you can go for paid ios app reviews as several websites are there on the internet to help you to boost your app. You can buy reviews [” buy android reviews “] by paying the reasonable amount, getting advice from professional experts, appropriate keyword android installs, unique services, easy to track etc.

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Benefits of buy android reviews –


  • Review from a real user from their real devices by using application with positive and meaningful reviews and ratings.
  • Reviews increment will also result in higher ratings and lots of buy android app downloads; it gives faster results and will contribute to earning more profits by spending reasonable sum only.
  • Developers who buy reviews receive absolute gains. They will see their app climbing ahead of the competition.
  • Positive ratings and reviews impacts on the ranking of the app.
  • Buy mobile app reviews nowadays are every developer’s requirement to make his/her app position destined.
  • Only real reviews work, fake reviews only result in harmful effects. So consider only genuine android app reviews and ignore fake ones.
  • Buy app reviews android can make your app a star but always be confident with app features you put in it because if you don’t justify with app features your app can’t go far. Strong app features with reviews can survive and reap benefits for a long term.
  • Buying reviews boost android app downloads in a very short span of time, thousands of buy ios installs and better rankings.
  • If you achieve to set the target after buying reviews. It will also give the developer a respected position and reputation. Which will contribute in future too?[rpt name=”buy-android-installs”]
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Buy Android app ratings


Ratings are always the first thing to notice, so the first job of an app developer is to increase ratings anyhow to give it a better look but only rating increment can’t do anything it needs compliment and that is reviews, after looking at ratings people go for past experiences by means of reviews of various users so positive reviews have a major role play, can make it with favourable oners or destroy it with negative ones.

Paid app reviews –


Buy app reviews ios are common these days, the most practical, economical way to buy favorable & effective app reviews from genuine websites. Like if Apple app store finds any of the fake reviews they surely remove an app from the store. So always go for real users.

Improve Android rank –


Google has its own system of buy ios rankings to different applications, Google does the keyword search in your app. title, combine average of ratings & reviews quality. so all it depends on your app ratings, rankings and reviews,  you can improve your rankings by going through different sites services.

Where can I buy app store reviews?


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Buy app reviews android


1. Smooth review

Here the system is like; you can get unlimited free reviews for your app by reviewing other apps. Here you review an app and earn points and you get a review for each point you earn for android as well as Apple.

2. Bestreviewapp


Here, a reviewer can create review and make money

3. Iismyshiftkeyonornot


They have no. of applications user there to rate review your app easily. It can really help you with more of buy app downloads & increased ratings.

4. Applytics


They have more than 5 million app reviewers and over 30000 reviews on a daily basis. They do reviews for Android apps as well as Apple app store.

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Buy play store reviews –


Buy android app reviews online can really work to make your android app stands at the top in the app store. Their services are to help you in improving your apps and enter in the featured list. Along with buy android app reviews online, they offer no. of services, app ratings, app. installs, and keyword boosts which improves rank.

Reviews are now playing a very important and interesting role for any company or any app. Developer looking to launch a new app or to boost the existing one. There are great benefits app developers derive by receiving positive reviews.

Flourishing of the app business to Buy App Installs and [ Buy App Reviews ]

The vast world of software never ceases to unfurl to us massive surprises that leave us awestruck. The zone of multiple varied applications always ready for service 24*7 with absolutely no solid complaints Buy App Installs and [ Buy App Reviews ].

However, this universe of software fantasies has a fantastic but complex background functioning that shall be our primary concern at the moment.

buy app installs

Ever thought why google chrome is more flawless than it seems to be, or the beauty camera perfectly captures the artificially manipulated face. It never stops to surprise me that. Then how the number of subscribers of YouTube can be somewhere closer to the population in China at large.

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Facebook is a hot sensation amongst a two-year-old child as well. Well, it took only a couple of months for my old neighbor to realize that WhatsApp is the most famous gossip app.

So, today our main concern should be the app promotion service of got Buy app downloads and buy app reviews.

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Intro to the app business buy app installs


A well-handled commerce for a particular application is as much important and a tough job as well as the development of the Android app. Perhaps the entire prosperity of the app basically depends on its marketing strategies. It matters so much.

So, that, potential app reviews might sink in the competition just because of poor marketing strategies. Whereas an inferior app might win the game because of apt marketing deals. This is why many app developers look forward to buy iOS app reviews and buy android ratings, buy android App reviews or buy play store reviews.

Well, the concept might be misunderstood but, it is not same as buying of thousands of false 5-stars app reviews for the application. It is actually, the influx of the sheer volume of android app ratings or buy app reviews for Android. That shall inject a potentially worthy feedback for the app. The benefits of buying AppStore reviews shall be eventually exposed.

Where to buy app reviews?


It is more important choose which buy mobile app reviews agency might aptly shoot up the benefits of your application. Well, it seems that Apple has ceased to support the concept of false buy app reviews iOS quite considerably.  This is however understandable because they thoroughly support the integrity of their review system.

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So, it is quite mandatory to judge how to handle this concept of fair but fake reviews. A few app stores had blatantly cut down on app reviews that are fake. This severely affects the online reputation of the application, as the buy app ratings are pushed down forcefully. And the views or the number subscribers might count down from 25 k+ to almost a few hundred.

Therefore, it is very important to choose an agency that has an access to globally spread manual skills. Mixed IP addresses are actually necessary to protect the falsely paid iOS app reviews. The Best buy ios installs on AppStore is actually a richly experienced website.

And provides paid ios app reviews from real users across the globe. This drastically reduces the risk of getting shortlisted for providing false buy android app reviews.

Exposure of buy app reviews and buy app installs


The diamond of the entire app development plan is an adequate exposure to the market of potential customers. It is quite vital to climbing the rankings level drastically to reduce an effect worth noticing such that there are viable chances of making noteworthy profits in the market. One of The best ways, therefore, to develop a fresh app into a potentially creditable app is by buying App Store reviews and google play store reviews. Moving on to the next part of our discussion

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 Buy App Installs [ buy android installs or buy iOS Installs ]


Whether a beginner or a publisher or a well-experienced hand in the field of app development. The major criteria that bother everyone are the proper promotion of the application in the market. The basic goal of the developers is to, therefore, arrange for the best ways to monetize their app. This is when the necessity to buy android app installs for the mobile app comes in.

It is actually a fashion trend for the app developers these days who tend to implement the most extraordinary and explicit ways upon the users so that there is an influx of the revenues due to the increase in the number of subscribers.

The basic thing about buy ios app installs or buy android app installs is to search for a reliable service provider. It is important that the app is well categorized according to its purpose and genres. Before proceeding to buy iOS app downloads or buy android installs [# buy app installs #].

This actually aids to properly categorize the best variant to successfully proceed with app downloads. The best way to explore is to locally choose the customers and then expand slowly. In order to critically appreciate the demand for the app.

One can then proceed to proper the purchase of the necessary service. After choosing the proper package, it is necessary to link the app to the google play store or the AppStore. It will take a few days before the results to be displayed.



The app promotion market is a vast competition to face. Possibly “survival of the fittest” theory works in this field and the strategy to survive is what matters. However, the competition that prevails, shall induce the brightest sparks in the app market.